I heart George

My first CD was a George Strait one.
For years, I've dreamt of going to one of his concerts. And last Thursday, we did.

Gosh I love him. And the concert was amazing.

The opening act was Lee Ann Womack

Then Reba McEntire took the stage

Then I died and went to heaven when my lover started singing

We didn't even know we were going to the concert until that day! I saw on facebook where the local radio station was giving away tickets at lunchtime, so I called my honey to make sure he was listening during the hour (we have no radio at my office - how crazy is that?) So he listens and ends up getting through as caller eight ... caller nine was supposed to win. J said he was pretty sure he wouldn't be called nine but tried again - and he won! So it's 12:30 and the concert is that night ... we do a lot of arranging and ended up booking a hotel and getting time off work (I had to work Saturday so I just came in late Friday) and were on our way. It's so nice to still be kid-less and able to just pick up and go like that! We had an absolute blast and can't wait to see George in concert again!

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