Fitness Friday

OK, so I'm full of excuses why I haven't posted on my weight loss journey lately. And none of them are that great.
Last week, I decided to move weigh in days from Sunday to Friday. The reason is pretty simple - I like to enjoy the weekends, so I'm bound to cheat. We usually end up drinking a few beers on Saturday and I don't think I get a true read when I weigh in the morning after.
So last week, we were on great track ... until we won the GS tickets. It was a bad weekend. I mean, really bad. We stopped at BK on the way, went to Hooters afterwards, had Denny's the next morning, frozen pizza, etc. And all weekend plus this week, we've been exhausted from missing out on so much sleep (although well worth it!) and falling asleep on the couch around 8 ... without working out. 
I weighed myself yesterday and it appears that I'm still maintaining where I was about four weeks ago. J and I have decided to take off until Sunday, then start back up again. I'm ready to get active and see results. So I promise, I'll be here next Friday. Hopefully with a big loss to report :)

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