Thursday tidbits

Howdy people!
I’ve been kinda spotty the past few days. But there’s been a lot going on. And I can't even talk about some of it.
First off, I’ll recap my birthday weekend :) Friday we had a quiet night in .... we meant to watch this:
but I was tired. So we waited to watch it until Saturday morning. 
Saturday I went to a baby shower .... later that night, we went out to eat. We tried a new restaurant, Port Cape. I had yummy barbecue. We then hit a couple of bars to celebrate my last hours of being 24.
We slept in a little Sunday, then I relaxed while J and his brother hauled hay. We went out for breakfast and then went to my parents’ house (they were out of town) to pick up a cake my mom made. Oh and we ended up dropping my presents off at J’s brother and sister-in-laws, because he never got a chance to wrap them. Sweet Amy wrapped them up for me.
I got an umbrella (mine broke in October and I hadn’t replaced it), two sports bras that are really awesome (anything is when you consider I trashed two that were super stretched last week), earrings and a couple of cute T-shirts from American Eagle. 
The T-shirts:

My earrings:

Funny story with the earrings. After work on Friday, since it was my birthday weekend and all, we did a little shopping because I wanted a new shirt. I looked in Cape Girardeau on Monday for at least an hour at four or five stores and found nothing. Well, I found a couple possibilities and went to get a dressing room. While waiting I looked at accessories and thought I saw a pair of the angel wing earrings, which I’ve been wanting for at least six months now. I told J to look at the wall ... when he came to see my shirt, he said he didn’t notice anything I’d like. I looked again and didn’t see them .... but figured he’s snatched them already. Well, my birthday was actually Sunday, so when he asked, I told him that’s when I wanted to open my presents ... unless, of course, he had something I could wear on Saturday.
Saturday came around, we got dressed to go out, no present - even when I asked. So you can imagine my surprise when I opened these beauties. Good job Jimmy!
I’m off work on Friday this week - and we’re also off on Monday, so I get a four-day weekend :) My dad is at a farm show, so my mom’s coming down to spend the day with me. 
I have no idea what our weekend plans are. It’s Valentine’s Day but the last two weekends have been really busy, so I think we’re planning to lay low. 

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