V-Day/weekend recap :)

Whew! Our offices were closed yesterday, so today definitely feels like a Monday ... a really bad one, since I was also off work on Friday.
It was a super busy weekend though! On Friday my mom came down and we ended up shopping and took advantage of a lot of the sales at Walgreens. I walked out with close to $100 worth of stuff for about $15 - plus I still have about $20 in Register Rewards. I love a good sale :)
That night, J and I ate burgers, drank beer, and watched TV.
On Saturday we just did some running around town. It's been so crazy here lately that we decided to stay in for a date night. I made mini pigs in a blanket and pizza and we watched Last House on the Left. I thought it was a horrible, much too graphic movie. We also watched the Olympics. Go Team USA!
Sunday we slept in :) We had already exchanged V-day presents ... but I got J an mp3 player and he bought me these beauties:

Which are the WRONG SIZE! I wear a size 11 shoe and J went to Journey's to buy them and of course, they weren't in stock. So he paid an extra five bucks to have them shipped. So I need an 11 womens/9 mens ... they sent a 9 mens/7 womens = UNHAPPY MICHELLE! Needless to say they got a mouthful and will be shipping a new pair ... although I'll have to wait another week for them!
We went to Wal Mart later that day and J also bought us some new weights and a resistance band for working out.
We hit up Ruby Tuesday for dinner. And raced home to park our butts in front of the TV for this:

Someday, we'll be competing on there! And of course, I was cheering for Jeff and Jordan - Team Big Brother!

Monday while J went to work, I stayed home and did some cleaning. Later in the afternoon, I was in a baking mood, so I made The Pioneer Woman's Oatmeal Crispies. A friend bought me the cookbook for Christmas and it was my first time using it. These were seriously good and pretty easy.

Now, I'm just ready for it to warm up and summer be here. I'm sick of waking up in the morning and seeing this:

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