Shapin' Up: Week Three

I've been pushing off writing this post. 
For one, I've been busy. My day off on Monday wasn't so much of a day off. 
And the other reason is that I'm just not thrilled with my results last week. But, when I started my weight loss journey I told myself I'd update weekly and keep track of my progress, and this is one way to keep myself accountable, regardless of how many people in the blog world actually care. 
At best guess, I held steady over the week. No loss, but no gain either — like I said, I'm not thrilled, but I'm not too upset either. 
Cutting back on the food is still so hard — especially since I had two catered work lunches last week and spent the day with my mom. 
Plus I hated that our weigh in is on Sunday — the day after our date night. I only had a couple of beers, but I also had half of this:
A 12-ounce center cut pork steak from Strawberry's Barbecue in Holcomb. 
The leftovers are quite delicious as shredded pork sandwiches!

And later, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and had another drink and shared this for dessert:

 So I can't be too surprised that I didn't lose. In fact, I should be happy I maintained!

Tuesday night was the first night since we began The Shred that we skipped. We helped his sister move some stuff and didn't get home until about 7:30 and could not tear ourselves away from the TV! Gotta love NCIS and The Good Wife :)
Which means we did it for 23 consecutive days. I like Level Three much more than Level Two. We'll get back with it tonight. 
We may be going out of town this weekend. If so, I think we're taking The Shred with us to do at the hotel. We'll see. 
We have my birthday celebration this weekend AND Super Bowl, so my goal once again is just to maintain. Then I'll kick it up again next Monday. 

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