Customer service FAIL

It has not been a good week for customer service dealing with us.
The first deals with our cell phone company, and it's a long story. 
Around the first of February, we received our bill - which also included a PAST DUE amount. First, I freaked thinking maybe I forgot to pay, with all the craziness of moving and the holidays. But I looked at my bank account and saw that wasn't the case. So we called and griped because we knew we paid and weren't going to pay another $112.
After two phone calls, we discovered what happened. Prior to moving, we also had Internet with this company. They don't offer it where we now live, so we terminated service. So the last bill, which was for our wireless charges minus a credit for the prorating of the Internet, went to combined billing, not wireless. The CSRs told me they would approve the transfer of funds and it should show up within three days. 
A week later, the transfer did not show up so I called before paying my bill. I was again told the transfer was just pending and to pay the amount accrued and due that month. I pay and figure it's taken care of.
Fast forward to Tuesday. Since my dinosaur phone is dying and some of the keys didn't work and I had a little change in my pocket (goin jing-a-ling-a-ling) I went to get a new phone. I pick it out and all but am told I can't upgrade because our account is past due. WHAT?!?! So I call and, of course, they can't resolve it that night because one of the departments is only open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sigh. Luckily Wednesday was my day off work, and boy did they hear it!
It took one hour and eight minutes, but it got resolved. But then one of the reps tried to tell me we didn't pay a bill. I proceeded to ask how that was possible, seeing as we made a payment every month - and she tried to say that the way you're billed for wireless and internet are different - supposedly you pay wireless after its used but internet first. However, I know there was never a month I didn't pay my wireless bill and told her that. She offered to send me all the bills so I could review them and I said yes - but then added that, as a company, they should uphold their word, as I was told I didn't owe anything in previous conversations. At this point, I was on a conference call with mobility and combined, and the mobility lady wanted to press on, but the combined billing lady agreed with me and offered to just credit the account, seeing what I'd been through. I said thank you and ended the call.
Then I called back to talk about disconnecting my account and when I would no longer be under contract. The lady I talked to was very nice and arranged to give us a huge discount on the phones (they retail at $149.99 each, we got them both for a total of $157 plus we'll get a $100 rebate) plus waived the upgrade fees. So we'll be getting our new phones today. This is what we picked :

In the second fail of the week, do you remember those too cute bubblegum crocs I got for V-day? You know, where they ordered the wrong size? 

Well, when J called about the error, the manager, whom he spoke with, was really apologetic. She sent us a box and shipping label to send them back and then ordered another pair. Well, we got them yesterday. Pulling them out of the box, I knew something was wrong. And guess what - it was the wrong size, again. I WEAR A SIZE 11! Not a 9, not a 10, but an 11. How hard is it to listen, people? It's kinda like Jimmy said - once is a mistake, twice is pure negligence. 
I said he should call and demand a refund then just order them from - that's what he gets for trying to support a local business. He's not sure what he wants to do - he's also needing some new shoes, so I think he's going to try and negotiate a discount on some shoes for himself. We'll see :)

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  1. We've had trouble with AT& T cellular service too. What a disappointment about the shoes!


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