catching up

I've been on a bit of a blog break. 
I've still been reading, but that's about it. 
Mostly because I feel like I have nothing to really say these past couple of weeks. I work (a lot off the clock!) and go home and clean, cook, etc.
My grandma was hospitalized a week ago so I've been to Cape three times to visit her. Last night she was much better and she is set to move to a nursing home today. Prayers ... 
We have horses and hay is expensive! For the past few years, my man and his brother have worked to bale square bales so we can cut some of those costs. Well, J got tired or borrowing equipment so he and I have purchased some used equipment of our own! This week, he's been working to get it all in line so when there are four or so dry days in the forecast he can cut, let it cure and then bale it. So I've seen him about 30 minutes each night, if that. I think the best quality time we spent together all week was this morning when we left for work at the same time and followed each other in, talking the whole way. Yes, I am a nerd.
We tried on bridesmaids dresses for my friend Jessica's wedding last night. 
This is what we chose:

I LOVE it! We also looked at another with a round neck, but I knew I'd be ripping that thing while shaking it on the dance floor! This is it (or a similar style):

Thank goodness I don't have to work this weekend and I have no plans, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some downtime!

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