I love my fans

Meet my bff these days:

It follows me everywhere. While Mr. Galaxy mostly resides in the living room, he also makes appearances in the kitchen and just outside the bathroom where I get ready in the mornings. 

J and I are strange people. We believe that we can make small sacrifices to put ourselves in a better financial situation. We pay just over $50 extra on our mortgage every month. J rounds up his truck payment and has already eliminated one payment in just under a year. 

Last fall as we were saving for closing costs on our house, we decided to bundle up and go without heat as long as possible. We made it until November. 

Earlier this spring, we were contemplating when we would turn on our air. J said "How about June?" and I agreed. 

We have ceiling fans in our kitchen, master bedroom and office, so it was no biggie. We have Mr. Galaxy who camps out in the living room. The kitchen and master are even on the second floor, so we can keep those windows open 24/7 if we please.

Until last week. It hit 90 degrees. But we powered on, hoping our bill would show the difference. Our electric company just implemented a 15 percent increase and since we're putting up a fence, paying off a lawnmower, etc., we know every little bit helps. 

Well, the sweet reward came Thursday. I got an e-mail notification of our bill — and it was $80! Considering our bill is normally about $150, this was huge! Since our home is all electric, we were ecstatic. 

But I'm so.ready.for.June. 

Sorry Mr. Galaxy.

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