Menu planning

It's been a couple of months since I've posted a menu plan on here. 
And the truth is, I haven't really been writing it down. Although menu planning helps me get out of cooking ruts to an extent, it doesn't totally do the job. I get tired of just rotating hamburger, pork steak/chops and chicken recipes. Maybe we're just too picky that we keep eating the same variations?
The past few weeks have also been sooo busy that sometimes I don't have he time to cook a good meal and we end up with BLTs, hamburgers or something quick and easy to cook. J could live off of things like burgers and fries, so this suits him just fine. 
Since I do stock up, we still manage to have everything in the house for just about any meal we want - other than perhaps produce items, like tomatoes. Which means as long as I get a meat out to thaw in the morning, we're OK. Although I haven't been menu planning, we haven't been getting take-out, so I think we're good. 
So for now, I won't be posting menu plans. However, I will continue to post really yummy recipes - and I'm hoping to start trying some new ones again soon!

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