Sounds like life to me

As anticipated, the weekend was absolutely crazy! So here's a recap:
Thursday after running around to get all my work done in half a day and going to a lunch for the United Way board, on which I serve, I got up to my mom's for the sale. It was a slow day, other than selling my dresser set, so I wasn't feeling too great about the sale. Especially considering how many there were over the weekend! 
Friday I got up at the crack of dawn to go back and it was a MUCH better day - very steady. In the down time, I managed to till my parents' garden (my mom doesn't till and dad has a pulled muscle and is wearing a brace) and also planted the okra. I also went to a nearby strawberry patch and picked eight quarts in less than an hour. We made a strawberry pie and some freezer jam later - yummy :) That night we went out to BWWs with a couple of friends. 
We actually had quite a few sales on Saturday, although there was a lot of dead time in between. That's when I planted some flowers I bought Mom for Mother's Day and we made the jam. After we closed the sale, we got it all boxed up - I went from seven boxes (I think) to two! So I was very happy. I also exceeded my goal, making $175 instead of $150! Hello cash for a fence!
On Mother's Day, we went to J's brother and sister-in-laws for a little family get-together. I made some rolls that are to die for and brownies - my specialty. By the time we got home, I was ready to drop.

And of course, this is the weekend J is on vacation. So imagine how hard it was for me to roll my butt out of bed this morning while he snored - not fair! 

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