Thursday tidbits

- This has been the craziest week at work! I got up at 4:15 a.m. to ride along with the police department for a warrant roundup and that took up most of the day ... but it was crazy fun!
- I was off work on Wednesday, during which I caught up on sleep and house cleaning.
- Poor J is on vacation this week and has hardly gotten to rest at all while he works on putting up a fence. Ugh. 
- I work this weekend. If I ever get another job, I WILL NOT work Saturdays ... at least not if I have to be there at 5 a.m.
- I can't find my journal, but I think I'm down about 5 pounds since I began losing weight. I desperately need to begin working out again, but I'm so busy getting my house back in order and doing laundry it's just not happening. 
- I can't believe it's almost June! This year is going by much too quickly. It's almost time to go to the river. 
- As much work as I've been doing off the clock, I should just start working from home. Working in my pajamas sure sounds nice.
- I really hope this weekend is nice so we can finish the fence! We've borrowed a tractor and desperately need to finish and take it back. 
- I'm in the process of some home improvement projects - hopefully I'll have some pictures soon :)

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