Fill the grill!

I love love love grilled food! It's yummy and good for you!
We tried something new this week to maximize the grill and keep the house cool - filling it up! 
I bought a package of very lean patio steaks for $2.49/lb at the local grocery store, thawed a 3 lb. bag of chicken tenders and a big hunk of ground beef to get ready. I also tried a new chicken marinade that was quite yummy. 
So ... here's the grill with all the food. We didn't have room for the burgers and it was late, so we'll make them later this week. I made my super-awesome potatoes - just slice, season and top w/butter, then sprinkle cheese to melt once done. 

We still have at least three meals of leftovers - which means all I have to do for the week is sides! 
I think this is going to be a common happening at our place this summer. 

Oh, and here's a pic of us. Just because :)

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