Crazy busy

Crazy busy ... that's what I've been. 
Mom and I are having our garage sale this weekend, finally. After weeks of pulling out odds and ends, I went through the closets and drawers with a fine tooth comb over the past couple and weeks in a real effort to clear out the clutter! 
I've got way more than I thought, but I've priced it all and hope most of it moves.
Sunday I helped mom get her garage cleaned out. All my boxes are up there already, so when I get off work today, I'm going to help her set it all out, which hopefully won't take long - cause you know I'm going to be parked on the couch come 8 p.m. for Criminal Minds. 
We're using the proceeds from this garage sale to help pay for the horse fence, so I'm hoping and praying we make good money. My goal is $150 ... and my mom has an excellent location where I usually make $100 with half the stuff, so I think we'll be good. 
That doesn't include a piece of furniture, though - if that sells, I get all the money! 
Long story short, I bought a dresser before my sophomore year of college (so six years ago!) and nightstand set. I got to the apartment and it turned out I didn't need the dresser, so it's been sitting in my parents' basement since. 
I've been meaning to get the dresser to bring to the house but never did that and we went to a garage sale last week with a dresser and mirror that was more modern and matched the rest of my furniture much better - for $75! Mom talked me into getting it with our sale this weekend, so I'm hoping to get my $75 back out of it. Fingers crossed!
Anyhow, I'm leaving work at noon Thursday for a lunch meeting and then heading to the sale, which will be that afternoon, all day Friday and all day Saturday. I have a feeling I'll be pretty worn out every day, so there likely won't be any updates until Monday. Hopefully they will be happy ones. 
Oh, and the scale has been moving down a bit more quickly lately, so I'll try and have some numbers on Monday, too!

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