Fitness Friday - Advice?

It's been a rough week. After taking about a week off due to being sick, it was really tough to get back into the workout grind. 
Anyhow, after I regained some weight last week, but when I weighed in this morning, I was back where I was two weeks ago (-1.2 lbs.). I guess that's better than nothing, although I am positive now that I won't reach my 5 lb. weight loss goal for the month :( 
J claims that he thinks I am slimming down in my hip area, but I don't see it yet, nor do I think it's possible this soon. But maybe?
I'm starting to do better on my eating, I think. Yesterday I was CRAVING sweets and went to a ribbon cutting with cake. But I actually snuck out early and didn't have any. 

Anyhow, here's what I did:
Monday - 3 miles jog/walk
Tuesday: Jackie Warner abs and upper body circuits
Wednesday: 3 miles jog/walk (VERY HARD to walk against 20 mph winds, so I didn't even attempt to run back!)
Thursday: JM Six Weeks to Six Pack. Whew! I'll have a review of this coming soon. 

Here's where the advice part comes in --- I am absolutely exhausted! We're talking sleeping on the couch by 9 the past couple nights. What do you all do to keep energized while working out? Any specific vitamins or anything? 

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  1. Hey there! I don't really have any advice except keep up the good work! Don't look at the number on the scale and get discouraged. I have a hard time losing weight but I have noticed a huge difference in how I look and the way my clothesfit! As long as you see results you should be proud!


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