miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} I am absolutely in LOVE with this weather. We got to enjoy a fabulous weekend. Although I had to work for a few hours, inside, on Sunday, J got to enjoy the day outside and even got a bit of a sunburn. Today, the high might reach 90.

{2} And I'm even more excited that spring is finally here! If it weren't for all the pollen and my crazy allergies, it might be my favorite season.

{3} This weekend, we decided to redo our landscaping (that we just did last August) because a few of the plants didn't make it. I'm thinking we will have to get on the ball ASAP. 

{4} The 5K is four weeks from yesterday. Serious training begins today. I am contemplating whether I should do treadmill or a track. And speaking of fitness, I didn't do Fitness Friday last week because I felt really bad due to the medicine I was on and was eating a lot of carbs to cut down on the nausea, so I didn't want to step on the scale. Nor did I have the energy to work out.

{5} The scars on my chin have cleared and I'll finish the last of my antibiotic tomorrow. Yay! And I'm not getting nightly headaches anymore, either.

{6} We went to BWWs to watch the fights on Saturday. I picked every winner. Based on their shorts. Ha!

{7} I think that's it for today :)


  1. Ha! Can't believe you picked winners based on their shorts. My SIL picks drivers based on the color of their cars.

  2. I am a big fan of treadmills...mainly because I can zone out and watch tv while getting in a run! Goodluck on your 5k!


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