Fitness Friday - Week Two

Yay, it's Friday! 
I think I had a pretty good week :) Here are the deets:

Friday/Saturday/Sunday - nada
Monday - Jillian Michaels Stepdeck. I thought the DVD was a workout, but it just ran you through all the exercises. So I threw in a couple of rounds of jump rope as well. 
Tuesday - Four six-minute circuits on JM's No More Trouble Zones, plus warm up and cool down. Whew!
Wednesday: Upper body and abs on Jackie Warner's power circuit DVD.
Thursday: 3.2 miles run/walk combo on treadmill @ gym. Also did two sets each of bicep curls, lateral raises and triceps. High point? When a lady asked me how far I run and told me I have great stamina! What a compliment.

On to the total weight loss: 
I have to be honest and say I don't know an exact starting weight, but I do know what I weighed last Friday and I want to be down 5 lbs. from that as of March 31
I lost 1.2 lbs total! I figure if I keep on track, I should accomplish that goal. 

Also, J's weight set came in this week, so I'm hoping that will encourage both of us to work out, even if we are doing different things. Right now, I'm considering doing some of the cardio/weight DVDs at home M-W-F, and then going to the gym for treadmill on Tuesday and Thursday. We'll see. 

Do you have any tips or exercise secrets to share? 

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