What I'm Loving

{1} I'm LOVING that the bright sun woke me up this morning! The days are starting to get warmer and the grass is turning green. Could this mean it's almost SPRING?

{2} I'm LOVING that it was nice enough for us to take a run outside yesterday. After a month of not exercising, I was able to run/jog just over a mile without stopping, and a few smaller stretches. I think we went about 2.5 miles total.

{3} I'm LOVING that, as of today, this baby is paid off! In just over 10 months.

{4} I'm LOVING that we get to celebrate a great friend's birthday this weekend :)

{5} I'm LOVING this sweetie, who did such a great job cleaning my car windows this weekend it's like they aren't even there! (Photo circa 2006)

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  1. I'm loving this weather too!! I really hope it is here to stay! :)
    That is a nice mower - I wouldn't mind cutting the grass if I had that thing! haha


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