What I'm Loving

{1} I'm LOVING my new iPhone :) Addicted is probably a better way to describe it. I love browsing the app store and downloading free apps. So if you have any favorite apps you think I should get, let me know!

{2} Although I'm not thrilled with all the rain we've been getting, I'm LOVING all the green grass that is starting to peek out :)

{3} I'm LOVING the giveaway I have this week. Go here to enter to win a $15 gift card to CSN Stores!

{4} I'm LOVING that today is Ash Wednesday. Although I don't actively attend Church, I think it's a great period of time to really analyze your relationship with God. Plus, Lent means all sorts of fish fries --- HECK YEAH!!!

{5} I'm LOVING this sweetie. 

Happy Wednesday, y'all!!!


  1. Words with Friends. There is a Free one but you have to deal with advertisements popping up. If you do the free or the upgrade, my username is aprilhendrix9

  2. my fave apps are: facebook, i heart radio, quick tip, restaurant nutrition, shazam, and urbanspoon

  3. I love how Lent gets everyone talking about God!

  4. I love my iphone too! I'm addicted as well!

    I love thr groupon app and of course my favorite place Target app!

    Happy Wednesday! Enjoy your day!

  5. I love my iphone too! I think it's my favorite gadget ever. :)

  6. Ahhhh, iPhone...aren't they amazing? My favorite free apps are cheesy games like Crack the Code and hangman. Haha. The app I can't live without is the white noise app. I use it to sleep!!

  7. Okay, this is about 3 days later, but I am in love with my iPhone. It's sad, really! :)

  8. I have had my iPhone for awhile now and I love it more everyday!! Welcome to iPhone club!!

  9. Thanks for playing along!

    I'm loving the green grass I've been seeing too :)


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