miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} I'm coming to you from my couch today :) Still in pajamas. It's a nasty, rainy day here, so for once, I'm glad that I'm scheduled to work this upcoming weekend because I get to stay home today :)

{2} We did, however, get some fabulous weather over the weekend. Friday was pretty nice and Saturday was forecast to be even better, so we made some last-minute plans for a barbecue with friends. Best part of barbecue weather? It's completely acceptable to be tipsy by 6 p.m.

{3} After so many people suggested I add the "words with friends" app, I did over the weekend, and it's safe to say that I am now obsessed. I've learned that J and I can't play each other thought - we are both so competitive and he actually got a little upset with me last night because of a move that I made. If you want to play, my name is Michelle1761.

{4} My laptop has a huge owie. It was sitting on the desk on Friday night and a heavy boot from the top shelf somehow crashed down and hit it. So now my LCD screen is cracked :( I'm waiting to hear back from the tech guy at work (which bought my laptop) to see what the best way is to fix it. I never thought my clumsiness would affect my electronics, too. 

{5} Since J and I got the house all cleaned on Friday/Saturday, I had awesome intentions to do some spring cleaning today. So far, I've played on the computer, paid two bills and fed the horses.

{6} I think I've mentioned that we are doing an 80s-themed party for my good friend's bachelorette? Well, my soon-to-be sister-in-law let me borrow four FABULOUS dresses and I can't decide which to wear. I may have a Blogger poll coming up soon ...

{7} Speaking of the bachelorette, the shower is the same weekend (April 8-10) and I am SO EXCITED to see my friend Bel, who moved to DC in October. 

{8} I've never watched a single episode of Dancing With The Stars, but am seriously considering adding it to my DVR lineup since Kendra is on this season. 

{9} I gave up soda for Lent and it's a lot tougher than I thought. I typically just have two or three a week, but it's a habit I wanted to try and kick and knew it would be an attainable goal. But I can't tell you how many times over the weekend I wanted to grab a Coke! I know some people consider Sundays as "cheat days" and as much as I wanted to do that yesterday, I stuck it out. 


  1. Scott changed his LCD screen himself. He said it wasn't very hard. Words with Friends is so addictive!!

  2. Aaahhhh Words with Friends is so fun!!!!

  3. I always have "big plans" of all the things I want to get done when I'm off, yet somehow I either blog or watch Lifetime. Haha.

  4. I'm following in your 6pm barbecue footsteps on Saturday, and I can't wait!


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