miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} springtime blues
it's hard to call it spring when the highs are in the 50s. i know the 80s we had last week are totally not average, but 50s aren't either. give me the 60s! actually, let's just skip spring and go straight to summer so i don't have to blow an entire paycheck on allergy meds, k? 

{2} hormones
this may be a bit TMI, but i've decided to stop taking my birth control for a month. definitely not trying to get pregnant. but i feel like it just isn't agreeing with me here lately. i totally blame it for some weight gain, because i really started gaining and couldn't lose in some places once i started the pill. i already feel a bit weird, but want to see how things are until i go see my doc in April. i mostly use the pill to regulate, so i'm interested in what other options i'll have if i decide to not use the pill anymore ...

{3} crazy woman
which would be me. this morning, i realized that i forgot to put the load of laundry i washed last night in the dryer. whoops. but they didn't stink, so i just threw this in this morning. am i the only one who does this? i am forever leaving loads in the wash and/or dryer. and it's just the two of us! what will i do when there is a bambino? 

{4} running
for those of you who have run a 5k ... how long does it take you to build up? right now i'm at the point where i can go about a mile running nonstop, then i rotate walking with running. i have just under three weeks to race day. this weather isn't helping training so i'm going to do the treadmill a bit. i'd like to run two miles, walk about a half, then run the rest. so is that even possible at this point? without me dying, of course. 

{5} blowing the budget
we went out on saturday night and dropped over $100. ouch. i remember back when we did that without blinking an eye, but that was back before we had a mortgage! ach! i've got to get back in savings mode. but with j going to a bachelor party this weekend and me planning a bachelorette and shower, i have a feeling i won't be able to save much until june. sigh. sometimes, it just sucks to be a grownup. 

{6} cleaning out the closet
with a yard sale coming up in just a month, i seriously need to start going through my closets. please tell me i'm not the only person who freaks about doing this?!?! i always think "what if..." you know, what if i lose 30 lbs, lol. actually, i'm gonna blame my mom for this one. she is the world's worst at holding on to things. she even second guesses me when we have sales about whether i "really" need to get rid of something. ugh. 

happy monday, friends!

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  1. New follower!!! OK, so...
    (1) I (too?) hate spring and wish we could just skip to summer. Not a huge fan of lactating from my eyeballs and having to take claritin every day just to be able to breathe. Just personal preference ya know? :-)
    (2) I had similar frustrations with the pill and switched to NUVA ring you know the synchronized swimming gals? It's apparently more "localized" so less side effects, anyway I LOVE It wouldn't ever go back... maybe ask your doctor? Only problem is it's pricey - no generic option so expect to pay about $30/month.
    (3) Laundry - OMG there are people who DON'T leave loads overnight?? NOT me! Most of my loads get at least a 12 hr stay in the washer until they make it to the drier, so I think you're doing fabulous :-)
    (4) I'm doing the C25k they say you can get to a 5k in 7 wks and you're prbly already at a wk 4 or 5 level. Unfortunately I'm on week 3 for about the last 4 months. Ha.
    Check this out:
    (5)No comment
    (6) I'm with you - It is VERY hard to let go of those "favorite" jeans from college aka 15 lbs ago haha


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