Bumpdate: 21 weeks

Today, I turn 21 weeks preggo. I have an ultrasound next Tuesday where they will look at my measurements again to see if my due date needs to be changed and if I am further/not as far along as they guessed at first. 

During Week 20, Baby R was the size of a cantaloupe. Crown to rump, he measures 6.5 inches, but this week, they start giving the total head to heel length as baby begins stretching out more. That measurement is 10 inches - about the length of a banana. 

He has been swallowing, and his taste buds now work. Studies say that after birth, babies respond best to tastes they've already had, so I'm trying to eat lots of good-for-me foods. 

Watermelon, cantaloupe, veggies, cucumber salad, hamburgers, hot dogs and steak are still pretty high on my list. I had sweet potato fries last week and loved them too. But I'm beginning to get a taste back for most foods that turned me off for a while. 

Only up 1 lb. from my pre-preggo weight. But looking at pictures and in the mirror, I'm not sure how that's possible!

Still in mostly regular clothes, but I bust out the mat pants every now and then. 

I had J take the pictures last night and thought the white/gray combo washed me out and made me look bigger so I shot the iPhone one this morning (sorry it's out of focus.) That's when I realized that I am getting big, as even black doesn't slim it down anymore. But I'm cool with that. 

No other updates I can think of. 

You probably won't get one of these next week, as I will be on my way to Ala. But I'll recap both weeks on the 22nd. And anything big we learn at my dr. appointment next Wednesday.

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  1. Yay for your half-way mark!! And girl, your lady lumps are gonna keep getting bigger too ;)

    Hope the doctor's appt goes well next week!


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