Monday tidbits

— In FIVE DAYS I will be a married woman. Wow. I can't believe it. Time sure does fly!

— I had a minor freak out this weekend when my mom told me she couldn't find my birth certificate. She still has my 30-year-old brother's but apparently, not mine. Although I was sure I didn't have it, I looked in the two places it might be and it wasn't there either. Luckily I called Ala. this morning and I don't need it for the marriage license. Whew. 

— I have another big announcement coming tomorrow :) 2011 is definitely a year of change for me. Any guesses? 

— If you want to guest blog while I am away, let me know TODAY please. 

— How can I keep up with your blogs on my iPhone? Is there an app for that? 

— Every night this weekend is already planned out. 

— Have I mentioned how I recently fell in love with sweet potato fries? While at Sam's over the weekend, I spotted a HUGE bag and squealed. In the middle of the store. Best eight bucks I've ever spent. For the first time, I stole fries from J's plate :)

— The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning house, doing laundry and checking on our friends pool while he was out of town. 

— We measured my biggest point on my belly over the weekend and it was 37. Freak out! But then we measured Jim's waist and it was 38 (true waist, not wear he wears his pants.) So I felt a little better, since I think he is super skinny. 

— We go to the baby doctor tomorrow! I'm excited to see my little peanut again and *hoping* (for his safety) that it is the last time we see him before he comes back. And we're still holding strong on not finding out the sex :)

— I'm trying to decide what to buy Baby from Gulf Shores. He has a onesie from Branson, so I'm leaning towards maybe a bib? Or perhaps a bigger shirt to wear when he gets older and will wear it more than once, ha!

— Back to work, break time is over and I have a million and a half things to do today. 


  1. yay for getting married! i'm so happy for the two of you!
    and another annoucement?!?! goodness i can't even begin to imagine another one!

  2. There is an amazing outlet mall in Foley that has a TON of great baby stores plus a lot of fun other stores too!


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