Tuesday tidbits

— Sometimes I think a three day weekend is worse than a regular one, especially with a holiday. We stuffed ourselves pretty much every day (I'm just glad that, for me, it included a lot of fruit and veggies!) and were constantly on the go. But that's a good thing. I'll tackle the messy house tonight.

— We went swimming at a friend's house Friday afternoon. They were both at work for a bit, so we got to enjoy having the pool to ourselves. We love their kiddos, but it's nice to have the quiet time. And convinced us we need to save for a pool of our own. 

— Saturday we had lots of errands to run and spent most of the afternoon in Cape. We also went out for dinner to Tractors, this amazing grill in Jackson. I really wanted the twice-baked potatoes but am extra sensitive to chives and they couldn't make without, so I had sweet potato fries. Delish! In fact, I bought sweet potatoes the next day so I can try to recreate at home :)

After dinner, we were so stuffed we took a short walk in the downtown area and I snapped this picture. 

— I'm really not a fan of maternity clothes, especially with the big panel, but have realized with my growing bump, I need to buy some items that will fit a bit better. We lucked out at Kohls, however, and when combining sale with a 30 percent off coupon, I got a pair of work pants, blue jean capris, shorts, two cardis and a dress for 70 bucks. I also got $10 in Kohl's cash, so I was very excited :)

— We had TWO barbecues on Sunday. Baby R was happy to get hamburgers, hot dogs, lemonade and fresh sweetcorn. I had J snap this picture of Tuff and I before we left. 

Growing, huh? We also got to tell our neighbors about the new addition!
And please excuse the bruises below my knee. That's what happens when you run into a ball hitch on a truck, ha!

— Yesterday we ran a bunch of errands together and then went to eat yummy food at a nearby picnic. I had a plate full of tomatoes. Yum. 

— We only have one weekend until the wedding. EEEK!

— Stamps STILL aren't in. Hoping they are in the mailbox today. 

— I've had a lot of wedding freak outs today (hair lady can't come anymore, trying to figure out vehicles ...) but I think it's all working out. I just need to remember this is MY wedding and it's not my job to work around everyone's schedules and make them all happy. 

Happy week, friends!


  1. Your tummy is adorable, mama! My wedding was insanely stressful. I was so glad to get it over with and that was sad. His family wanted a hand in everything, he was so picky, my mom wanted things her way.. it was insane. My hairstylist let me know 1 week before the wedding that she couldn't make it (after knowing for weeks but never called me) and our photographer sucked so much that we had to get a back up, it was hard. But do exactly what you said.. it's your wedding and don't try to make anyone else happy but you and your fiance. It's your and his day, not anyone elses. I hope everything comes together wonderfully for you and you have a perfect day. :)

  2. What a cute bump! Weddings are stressful at times! I was glad to just finally be married! lol! I'm sure everything will be just perfect though! :)


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