So I've been keeping a secret...

I know ... what else could possibly be going on right now? Between getting married this weekend and expecting a baby in November, is there anything else that even measures up?

Thursday is my last day at my job. 

Wow, right? I'm still sort of in shock about all of the life changes going on here lately. But everything is falling into place so well!

I'm going to try and explain the whole story, but it needs some background and backing up several months:

— I work for a newspaper as a reporter/photographer. That I've mentioned before. 

— About a year ago, a major landowner in our community donated about 40 ACRES of land to a nearby community college in order to build a campus in our town. 

— I'm the one who covered this announcement and following announcements. 

Basically, the college was very impressed with how I reported on their news. I didn't really know it, but since I wrote that first article, the president has apparently had me in the back of his head for a future position. I later found out that, at all of the events he later attended where I was working, they were silently watching to see if I would be a good fit for a job with the college. 

In January, I was approached about taking on a part-time writing job with the college. We had a few talks but nothing really developed. In March, they opened it up to advertise and had me send in an application, etc. 

I didn't hear anything, but that was OK. I would have had to do quite a bit of driving and the pay really wouldn't have been worth the gas it took me to get there. Plus, that's when we just found out about Baby R and although the money would be nice, I did not have the energy to work another 20 hours a week, I felt.

Fast forward to May. I hear they are considering me again, but not for the writing job. Instead, they want me to do a lot of the marketing for their fundraising campaign to build the campus. The landowner who donated the acreage, as well as a board member had highly recommended me for the position. 

My jaw kind of dropped. While I can talk about anything, I'd never done a lot of fundraising — other than selling raffle tickets and such while in school. But there is a company that does most of that for us. My job is to sell the college and make people want to donate to this venture. 

Luckily both men who recommended me for the job know my current bosses, so they approached them first. And my bosses were totally behind me, wanting me to take on this new job so long as it was something I wanted to do. 

I met with the president about a week later. Everything sounded so perfect! I was worried about being pregnant (no big deal!) and missing six weeks of an 18-month campaign. I didn't know if they would be as flexible about me needing to be off with a sick baby as my current job. But they said all the right things and I was pumped!

For a week, we did some emailing regarding salary. Then nothing. As president of the college, I knew he had a few other responsibilities — and they were in the middle of their budget. But going over a week without any contact made me a bit nervous and I began wondering if they changed their minds. 

Two weeks ago, they called and we decided on a number. In addition to making about an extra paycheck a month, all my insurance (a much better plan than I have currently) is 100 percent paid for! I also get 21 paid holidays a year (eight days for Christmas alone) and several other benefits. This really is a dream job. 

I begin July 25. I'm taking next week off between jobs and then intend to seriously hit the ground running. 

Better yet, I'm still going to be part-time at the newspaper, and they will keep me on their insurance until my new plan becomes effective. So that's some extra income, plus I'm not totally closing that door. 

Although the main campus is an hour away, I'll only have to go there a couple times a month for meetings. Other than that, I'm in an office just a block from my current workplace and out traveling. 

I also get MY OWN OFFICE! I'm very excited. That's why I dug out the diploma. I also have plans to buy a mini fridge. 

I think that should cover it all. Right now, I feel very blessed for ALL of the changes in my life. Marriage, a new job and a baby. Wow. Sometimes I feel a little stressed, but then I smile and tell myself to breathe, that I can do it AND I will kick butt in the process!


  1. Congrats!!! That sounds soo exciting!!!

  2. congrats!
    isn't it amazing how everything just falls right into place!?
    so happy for you!

  3. Congrat girl! So happy for you!Lots of good in your life! praise GOD!

  4. That's so awesome! You have so many great things going on in your life right now!!

  5. This is so exciting, I'm so happy or you. That sounds like a really great fit for you and your growing family!

  6. Congrats! Congrats!! That's wonderful news, and even better about the pay increase and paid insurance. Even better is all the holidays you get. Just a tad jealous over here… Way to go, Michelle!! :)


  7. Wow! That sounds like an amazing opportunity! congrats!


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