Baby product help - from you!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I really have no idea what sort of baby gear I'll need come November. 

So at the urging of a couple blog friends, I'm turning to you guys :)

Maybe you have written/bookmarked posts on this topic. Maybe you are a mama and have an opinion. Maybe you're an aunt or close to kids. No matter what, I want any advice you have to give!

I will say that I am sort of old-fashioned when it comes to babies. I feel like they didn't have a fraction of the gadgets back when I was a kid that they have today, and I turned out just fine. However, I am also going to be a working mama, so I do need some of those conveniences. 

So what do I need to be sure to buy/register for? What are the things you would say not to waste money on.

You can leave comments here, or email me at michellefelter{at}

Thanks friends!!!  And happy weekend :)



    All my girlfriends in the last year who've had babies, swear by this monitor!

  2. I did a pretty comprehensive checklist on my blog "C" is for Cockerham. My registry is linked from there too. Hope that helps!


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