miscellany monday

Hi again :)

Let's not talk about how long its taken me to get this up. Blogger is ca-razy today!
  • Our weekend was ah-mazing. I pretty much chnaged from one pair of pajamas/lounge pants to another the entire time. To me, that is heaven.
  • We did rent a couple of movies on Friday night. I got Bridesmaids and Killer Elite. I had heard great things about Bridesmaids but was disappointed - it was so uninteresting to me, I fell asleep. Hubby did enjoy his movie - obvs, since it has Jason Statham.
  • I'm so jealous I'm not off work today. We get a lot of holidays, but NOTHING is planned off in February or August, so it stinks.
  • This morning, my babysitter told me she thinks she has bronchitis. My kneejerk reaction was to just grab my baby and walk out the door, but that wasn't exactly feasible. I do plan to leave the office shortly after noon and work from home, then have my mom watch him tomorrow because I don't want him to be exposed. Is that crazy?
  • I just realized I've hit 50 followers! I may have to do a giveaway soon :)
  • I'm trying really hard to eat more fruits and veggies, but it's tough. I mean, cookies and chips sound so much better.
  • I totally fell off the Fab Ab Feburary train. Blaming it on my birthday. I got behind, did some doubles to try and catch up, been busy, blah blah blah. Now I'm a full week behind. Maybe I'll start it back up tonight? Or March 1?
  • I did a bit of extra work with my freelance job this month and was excited to have the "extra" money. Then I got my vehicle insurance bill and it hit me that the billing is different now since my parents transferred the title for my old car. So much for money in savings.
  • Hubby and I spent a good two hours yesterday organizing the hospital bills, EOBs, etc. from my maternity care/Cooper's birth. I think it's all in line now. I did somehow pay $76 (over the phone) but can't find the bill for it. I'm calling today.
  • Speaking of bills, I got an almost $2K EOB from the doctors office and best not ever get the bill. Long story short: I intended to get Mirena but the nurse pracitioner who saw me for my postpartum appt. couldn't get it placed. She figured it was a polyp or something, so had me come back the next day to see the actual doctor. They thought they had it placed, but failed TWICE. I have a retroverted uterus. Anyhow, they told me I wouldn't be charged, but it appears they turned it into my insurance ... and then my insurance denied coverage b/c she is apparently not in my network. If I get a bill, I will raise all kinds of hell.
  • We did a lot of talking about money, the budget, etc. over the weekend. Basically, we decided to be very aggressive this year to get a lot paid off so we can begin working toward other projects {ie a horse barn.} I'm excited, as it means we shouldn't have any debt other than our house and my care by Jan. 1, but nervous about not having a lot of flexible money, funds for vacation, etc.
  • I hate grocery shopping at Walmart. I try to only go once a month.
  • I feel like I am in a cooking rut. Here's the tentative menu:
    • Sunday: Hamburgers and fries
    • Monday: BBQ meatballs, cheesy potatoes, green beans
    • Tuesday: Pork chops in gravy, mashed potatoes, slaw
    • Wednesday: Salmon patties, fried potatoes, noodles in tomato juice
    • Thursday: Leftovers
    • Friday: Grilled cheese and tomato soup
    • Saturday: Out. I'm hoping for either Olive Garden or a hibachi grill
  • Happy Monday! What random things are going on in your life?

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  1. Your menu sounds so good! I have been seeing Olive Garden commercials on tv and I am SO ready to go!

  2. I'm hungry and your menu looks so good!

    Your weekend sounds amazing for sure! Mine was pretty good too!

    Oh, and Hibachi or Olive Garden is a tough choice - i love both. But I've been wanting an OG meal lately so that's what I'd have to pick!

  3. How did you like bridesmaids? I never saw it but heard it was hilarious. Oh and your menu made me sooo hungry. I could totally go for a grilled cheese right now. And your right heaven is one pair of pjs to the next. That is my favorite too!


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