weekend wrap-up/menu monday

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was OK.

Friday night we were pretty lazy and just watched TV.

Oh, and I'm happy to report that Mr. Cooper {apparently} just needed his swaddle to sleep through the night. He did about nine hours every night since I gave it back.

On {Saturday} we had a big day planned. After breakfast and morning nap, we headed up to the big city of Cape Girardeau for some shopping. We hit up a home improvement-type store to get some ideas for our bathrooms, kitchen, tile, etc. The only project in our near future is the basement, but we've never been in this store, so we thought it would be fun to check it out. We also hit up Hob Lob for a few things for a project in Cooper's room.

After that, we went to visit our friends Josh & Liz and have lunch with them. Little man was an angel and I'd say a great baby salesman. Seriously - if any of you ladies need help convincing your man the time is right, have us for a visit! He cooed, smiled, entertained himself while we were eating and was just perfect!

Sweet little angel - 2.25.12

love him SO much!
We also hit up the mall so I could use some of my store birthday coupons. At VS, I bought a racerback yoga tank as well as some yoga crop pants. Maybe having cute clothes will encourage me to begin working out again? And at Penney's, I bought a khaki trench coat that I think will be perfect for spring!

We also hit up Tar-jay and Kohls. Kohls is having AMAZING clearance right now, by the way. I actually stayed out of my department and just picked up a few things I'm hoping will fit Coop next winter.

Once we got home, we had to run over and feed J's brother's horses as they were out of town. Hubby isn't too familiar with these horses, so Coo pand I went with just in case. We also picked up some supper at a little diner on the way home. I ordered a yummy chef salad, and it looked delish - until I took a bite and realized they put onions in although I requested they didn't. BOOOOOOO! I still ate most of it, picking around the yuckiness, although I probably shouldn't have

Because ... I didn't sleep well at all that night and on {Sunday} woke up with a horrible stomachache, headache, etc.. I mean, I got up to feed Coop then went back to bed until 11 a.m., when I got up, forced myself to eat some cereal, then fed Coop again and went back to bed. Around 3 p.m. I finally felt good enough to do some housework. I'm pretty convinced it's that the onions did a number on my system, which reminds me why I don't like to eat them.

I slept much better last night {like a three-month baby} and am glad that today is so beautiful!

On to the menu plan. Ugh. I feel like I am in a MAJOR cooking rut right now. If you have any favorite, easy recipes you think I should try, please leave them in the comments!

Sunday: Leftover pork chops, cheesy potatoes, mac & cheese. Brownie sundae for dessert!
Monday: Lasagna, salad
Tuesday: BBQ sandwiches, fries, mac & cheese
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: OMG chicken {recipe from Pinterest}, mashed potatoes, green beans
Friday: Tunafish sandwiches, tomato soup
Saturday: Leftovers.

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  1. What are cheesy potatoes? That sounds so good right now!

    I love lasagna but hate making it!

    Cooper is such a good baby and cute to boot! It wouldn't take too much to convince any couple they need one of him, stat! :)

    I hate onions. The only onions I eat have to be sauteed/cooked to death.

  2. Oh my goodness- Cooper is a doll in his little tuxedo shirt! What a cutie pie! Unfortunately I am no help when it comes to menu planning. I haven't even made a plan this week or gone to the grocery store. I think I'm in a rut too!

  3. yay for sleep! and that outfit is adorable!


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