• Thank goodness it's Friday! This has been one long week.
  • It's sorta hard to believe it's already February. Wasn't it just last week I was wishing for November to get here?
  • Have you heard of GroopDealz? It's a daily deal site, but focuses on boutiques. One of today's deals are customized notepads for $2.50 each! I love anything with my name on it, so I've ordered some sets :) I'm also thinking ahead, that these might be great stocking stuffers.
  • If you don't follow Leslie, you should seriously check out this post. It definitely got me to thinking ... I shouldn't compare myself, my husband, my kid to anyone else, and I definitely think I do this more because of social media, whether it be blogs or facebook! I love hearing others' stories and using social media to document these things, so it's a very fine line between sharing/learning and bragging/feeling inadequate.
  • I'm OK with the groundhog seeing his shadow and us experiencing six more weeks of winter if the temps continue to be in the 60s like they have been all week. I'm just afraid that March is going to be a cold month ...
  • This weird Missouri weather has made evident that Mr. Cooper has his mommy's allergies. The poor kid has been so snotty this week and I think it's beginning to affect his appetite. Not that I blame him - milk mixed with all that congestion? Yuck. This really sucks because there is NOTHING I can do but suction it out and run a humidifier at night :(
  • When looking at my calendar the other day, I realized that we have no work holiday this month :( Since I began this job, we've had at least a day off every month but August, so it's weird. However, we have a three-day spring break in March and get two days off in April for Easter, so I won't complain *too* much.
  • I'm ready for the Super Bowl on Sunday. GO PATRIOTS!
  • I love to watch football, but of course I'm ready to see the commercials too. I absolutely LOVE the etrade baby. I wonder how I can get an audition for Coop?
  • My birthday is on Tuesday. And all I really want is to go eat at Lamberts. And Olive Garden. And Shoguns, a hibachi grill about 30 minutes north of where we live. Food is clearly my love language.
  • I have successfully completed the first two days of Fab Ab February. I didn't think it would be too hard but man, my abs are already tight! Doing 15 situps last night about killed me.
  • Bio Oil is amazing. I've been using it about a month now and my stretch marks are healing/fading very well. Next pregnancy I'm using it. Twice a day. Every day. From the minute I find out I'm expecting.
  • I'm considering training for a 5K at the end of March. I should. I'm just not sure how ... it's cold outside and getting dark by the time I get home and we live in BFE where I'm scared to run alone. Too cold for the jogging stroller. No treadmill. To cheap for a gym membership I probably wouldn't utilize due to time either. Sigh.
  • Happy weekend!
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  1. great random tibits post! happy friday!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing that post about blogging/comparisons! It was SO true and something I think we all struggle with! That is great that you're doing the February ab challenge. I really wanted to do it but have already flaked out. Way to follow through, huh? :) Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  3. I agree, February sure got here fast.

    If this was Winter 2.0 I could definitely get to liking it. :) 6 more weeks of this so called "Winter" is cake! :)

    Poor Cooper. I hope he starts clearing up. Mom is an RN for pediatrics and she told me children get sick/colds 10 times a year - on average. I'm dreading that.

    I know you mentioned the Bio Oil before. Where do you get it?

  4. can you believe the awesome temps that the midwest has been having?! isn't it glorious?? LOVE IT!!


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