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  • So, I had a 7 a.m. meeting today and it was a 45 minute drive. Which means getting up at 5. Ugh. Luckily I have a great sitter. Although hubby commented (and it's true) I need to stop taking jobs where I have to get up so early, even if it is only one day a month.
  • Wanna know what I really hate? I mean, absolutely can't stand ... people who drive the wrong way through the Walmart parking lot. The arrows point to a specific direction for a reason!
  • It's spitting snow today. And supposed to REALLY snow on Sunday night/Monday morning. I'm really hoping for a snow day ... I need a day off work!
  • I wish there weren't a Valentine's day. Hubby and I never do much for the holiday ... I honestly think it's designed to just make people feel bad, even if they are in a relationship! And then yesterday, the sitter sent home a list with all the kids names and info for their party. Ugh. What in the heck is my two-month-old supposed to do besides sit to the side and laugh at all the crazy kids? And unfortunately Coop has the least creative mom in the entire planet, so it looks like he'll be sharing cards with suckers, unless one of you have a fabulous idea?
  • Poor Coop is still so snotty :( We suction him twice a day and the sitter usually does it twice also. And I run a humidifier at night. This morning, the poor boo choked a bit twice while I was feeding him and he also spit up all over his outfit. Me no likey.
  • Hubby and I got our taxes submitted yesterday. Blech. No, we don't owe money, but we didn't get back as much as we thought we would. We decided that we shouldn't have gotten married and would have gotten about double the refund. It's just frustrating to see all these single parents get back double to triple what we did. {Later added: Not that being a single parent is bad, but we live in a town where we see people work the system who can tell you that you max out with four kids, all with different dads. Seriously?}
  • I did inform hubby that we will be buying/renting Breaking Dawn tomorrow. Due to its release date, we never made it to the theatre to see it.
  • I refuse to swap over to timeline on facebook. It confuses me.
  • This morning someone showed me a new type of otterbox/iPhone case that also serves as a charger and doubles the battery life. I must look into that.
  • My mom is too sweet! She and my dad were in town to visit the accoutant the other day, so they dropped by my office with a small birthday cake she'd made (although I told her not to) as well as some dumplings and slaw - two of my favorites. Don't be too jealous :)
  • I admitted to hubs last night that I already have baby fever. Actually more like preggo fever. I'm not sure if it's from so many people I know in real life and through social media are preggo or what, but I so want a cute little bump again. But trust me, I'm we're not planning on that for a couple more years. Ideally, we'd like an early summer baby and I feel best about having 2.5-3 years age difference. I seriously don't think I could handle two in diapers at the same time.
  • I didn't do fab ab February on Tuesday and have been a big slacker since. I think I'll get on track and double up this weekend.
  • I am so ready for the new seasons of Survivor and the Amazing Race.
  • All I wanna do this weekend is clean out my car, clean the house, do laundry, and cuddle under the covers with chili watching movies. Actually I don't want to do the cleaning and laundry, but I have to so I may as well tell myself I want to.
  • Happy weekend. Keep those fingers crossed for a Monday snow day :)

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  1. I'm sure you have tried it but have you put Vick's on Coop? All 3 of my kids are slathered in it. Plus, Caleb and Grace are on the nebulizer. They have horrible coughs and runny noses.

    I think that eventually they are making us all change to timeline but I am holding out until they switch it for me. :)

  2. Ha! You went from not being sure about a 2nd, to baby fever?! That's so funny! :)

    Timeline on FB is horrible.

    Your mom sounds amazing. So sweet and thoughtful.

    When Breaking Dawn came out.. I had no real desire to go see it in theatre. Not sure why.

  3. You're on the ball with taxes! The good thing about not getting a big refund is that you didn't loan the government your hard earned money throughout the year. Also, you won't have to pay income tax next year on this year's refund. I HATE that here in OK. Is it like that in MO?

    I'm not a huge fan of FB's timeline either. Too cluttered with the columns.

    When T has been super-snotty, we started doing saline before suctioning. I think it helped break things up and move stuff along. Hope Coop gets better soon!

    Breaking Dawn was just "eh". My least favorite of the series. Renting is a good option :)

  4. we don't do alot for v-day either...a card and dinner usually...i guess we don't need a day to "celebrate" our love :)

    and i totally cleaned out my car this weekend! nothing feels better than a clean car!


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