Friday randoms

Thank goodness the weekend is almost here! I went to a Chamber of Commerce coffee this morning, so that definitely is helping the day pass by. I feel like Fridays are always such long days.

I mentioned in Coop's six month post that he had begun flipping over onto his tummy some. Well, apparently he's decided that's how he prefers to sleep! Before going to bed last night, I checked on him and he was on his tummy, so we flipped him back over. This morning, he was on the tummy again. I'm trying not to worry too much about this ... he has good head control and such, so I figure his chances of suffocating himself are small ... right?

this morning ....
 Yes, that is a pacifier, AKA foo-foo, in the crib. We really don't like using it. But our son has turned into a thumb-sucker over the past week or so, and we figure while a foo foo can disappear, thumbs can't. And since a 3-year-old we know still sucks her thumb, and recently had an infection, we discourage it as much as possible!

Last night, hubby sent the following photo to me with the message "What happened to this little guy?" I have no idea ...

Four days old {I think}. I've always loved this photo!

We've been having lots of pork loin this week, frozen leftovers from my family reunion back in December. Well, my aunt and uncle are having a graduation party for my cousins tomorrow and guess what's on the menu ... that's right, pork loin! Luckily it's really good and we've been eating it a variety of ways.

As luck would have it, the weekend we are going somewhere with a large, in-ground pool, it is going to be cool. It's been in the 90s for weeks, but of course, the projected high tomorrow is around 80. Srsly?

Despite that, I have been pretty lucky lately! Our electric company is a cooperative, and last night was the annual meeting, where they also have drawings for several prizes. I won a George Foreman grill. We already have two, but this is a middle size so we think it will work well. And at the coffee I attended this morning, I won a travel coffee mug.

Little man is loving his food and I'm sure will be eating us out of house & home before long! He was kinda just like whatever with green beans, not at all excited about carrots at first but then caught on, and had his first peas last night and loved them! I mean like shoving the spoon in his mouth and giggling the entire time! He eats one cube around lunch at daycare, and one when we get home at night, and is still having his two 8 ounce bottles at daycare and nursing morning & night. We'll probably move on to sweet potatoes next, then some oatmeal ... I'm trying to get a good variety in so that once he starts eating fruits I can mix in the veggies for lunch and oatmeal for breakfast.

Speaking of all that eating, hubby commented last night that C looked rounded and was feeling heavier. According to our scale, he's gained about a pound in the last week! Mind you this weighing was right after eating and last week at the doctor he was approaching feeding time, but still ...

This is my last Friday having to work until August! Super excited for all the three-day weekends in my future!

I am researching things to do for our anniversary coming up in July. I'm still waffling on whether C should go with us and we do a family outing, or if we should leave him for the day. We're considering St. Louis, which is only about 2 hours away, so we may leave him ... if anything happens, we won't be that far away. Suggestions on fun things to do? No baseball games in town that weekend :(

Happy weekend!

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  1. Definitely easier to take a pacifier away at a certain age than to take a child's thumbs, ha.

  2. I've always been pro pacifier for the same reason.

    Coffee sounds so good right now! ;)

    One year already next month?! Gosh, time flies!

  3. We introduced the pacifier around 6 months as well, and T has ALWAYS been a tummy sleeper. I never worried about it. It was just how he slept.


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