Wednesday randoms

  • Is it only Wednesday? With our summer hours, our monthly planning meetings that were Wednesday, Thursday & Friday are now Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, so I'm seriously confused. Add that to the fact that I've worked 11 hours both days this week {two of which were driving} and I'm just plain exhausted already!
  • Baby sitter's husband is having surgery today, so Super Coop is with my parents for the day. My dad, bless his heart, even drove down to pick up little man at 6:45 to save me some hassle.
  • Tomorrow, he's staying at home with our friend Lynn. I'll have him Friday, of course, and also on Monday ... totally looking forward to a day off!
  • Hubby and BIL were baling hay on Sunday and I got roped into helping since it looked like it may rain. Picking up 50 lbs. of hay is a workout for this girl ... I am still sore!
  • My brother and SIL are coming in for a visit next weekend, so I've gotten roped into helping my my clean her house to help prepare on Friday. I know I owe her, but man, this mama is just worn out. I will be sleeping in, that's for sure.
  • I had my office in pretty good shape when I left on Friday and haven't been here the past two days, but it somehow looks like something exploded. Lovely, Michelle
  • Did I ever mention that about a month ago, I met Meadowlark Lemmon? I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I had no idea who he was .. he came to our main campus for a visit on a day that I happened to be there :)
  • When we found out he was coming, a staff member went out to buy a bunch of basketballs for him to autograph. Coop really liked his :)

5.10.12 ... super delayed posting this

  • Speaking of balls, we were at a friend's house last week and they pulled out a large ball and Cooper really loved it! We may need to buy him one to roll around with us soon.
  • Moms - since we've began giving C food, he hasn't been finishing all of his second bottle. Typically I nurse in the morning, he takes all 8 oz. around 11 a.m., has food at 1:30 p.m. (I'd prefer it be earlier but that doesn't really work for the sitter...) then she gives him his last bottle around 4 but he's only been taking about 6 oz. Should I scale him back to just one cube of food for lunch? I'd prefer he get the calories and nutrition of milk than veggies at this point.
  • How is Father's Day this weekend already? I have no clue what to buy for hubby. I mean, he's mentioned some tools, but I just don't know if that's appropriate to give ... but then again, I don't want to get some cutesy thing he doesn't really like but thinks he needs to keep just to be appreciative.
  • If you are adding anyone to your prayer list, please keep my friend Jessica's dad, Mickael, in them, as well as Mr. Jim, our sitter's husband. Jim is having back surgery, while Mike has had cancer for almost four years and they just found a tumor on his brain. They've done surgery and everything looks OK, but man, that's just scary.
  • C has decided he wants to be a farmer :) I spent last Friday at my parent's house and let him go ride the tractor with cousin Trent again for a bit. Actually, he rode in the "buddy seat" with my dad first when dad moved the tractor, then took an hour ride later. Trent said he was an angel and they sang and had all sorts of fun. That's my boy! If C really wants to farm, though, he will have to learn to stay awake while in the machinery :)

excited and being a very big boy :)

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  1. Introducing solids will usually result in a decrease in milk intake. That's what weaning is all about! Seems a little counter intuitive to me to start taking away solids and adding more milk at this point, unless Coop is showing signs of having difficulty digesting solids (e.g. allergies, rash, constipation, etc.) One veggie meal during the day doesn't seem like too much for a 7 month old. It's also possible that he's getting more milk nursing from you each morning/night and not needing as much from the bottle during the day.


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