down on the farm

As I mentioned in my weekend wrap-up, we took Baby Coop to see his PaPa's farm and check out the wheat harvest over the weekend. These are a few of my favorite photos ... and a glimpse at a Father's Day present for my dad :)

My dad farms mostly on his own, but my cousin and uncle often help. Unfortunately, my dad is the only one with a license to drive a truck with air brakes, so he didn't get to take Coop on his first ride :( My cousin did a great job, though, and luckily Dad stopped in to get a new load to take to the elevator just before we left.

Cooper and Mommy

Driving the tractor

Amazed at how a combine works

My cousin, Trent, let him "drive"

PaPa was busy hauling the grain, but got a minute to stop and snuggle

This time C is looking at the camera <3

Twinkies in their blue shirts :)

You've already seen this I know, but I couldn't resist.
These pictures just make me so happy. My dad and I sorta lost touch while I was in college, and we were both too stubborn to give in on our beliefs. I was so scared, while pregnant, that my son would miss out on a great relationship, but thankfully, having Cooper is the best thing that could ever have happened for both my dad & I. My dad is a total baby lover, and seeing them together really makes my heart happy.

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  1. The pictures are so cute! I am glad that you and your dad reconnected.

  2. Those pictures are so sweet, especially the ones with your dad and Cooper!


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