Wednesday randoms

  • Whew. The past two weeks, I've come to work on Wednesday and the week is halfway over. Today, it wasn't until noon that I hit humpday. Boy, am I glad it's on the downside now. I worked 13 hours yesterday and have been on the phone most of today, so I'm beat.
  • Hubby bought me some tanning minutes a couple months ago and I was doing a great job of keeping some color, but this crazy work schedule has taken it out of me.
  • A couple months ago I got a wild hair {pun not intended} and had about four inches of my hair chopped off. I needed it, but I miss it.
  • My hair is in desperate need of a highlight, but it hasn't really held color since I got pregnant, so I figure why waste the money.
  • This weekend I would like a book and a pool.
  • I'm actually taking "off" on Friday and am so excited to have nothing to do ... or maybe clean house at a more leisurely pace.
  • I've been working on this blog post for THREE HOURS and this is as far as I've gotten.
  • No less than 12 post-it notes are scattered around my desk. Seriously, Michelle?
  • My car is in desperate need of being vacuumed.
  • The first couple hours of the day drug by, the middle flew, and now I feel the next 1.5 hours are going to drag as well.
  • My supply has dipped again. Ugh. I think it's a combination of it tanking last week because I was at main campus and not pumping as much, as well as cycling ... Bring on the Fenugreek and power pumping!
  • I'm getting the itch to go through my closet again. I last did it in the early  spring when I wasn't quite back to my pre-preggo size, but now that I am, I'm finding lots of shirts that are too short or just don't fit right.
  • We're going to try avocado tonight :) Personally, I think the stuff is gross.
  • So far, Cooper's favorite foods have been sweet potatoes and sweet peas. Kid LOVES his peas. Surprisingly, he hasn't been too thrilled with bananas.
  • I feel like I'm rambling, so I'm just going to stop right there ...

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  1. Wow girl! It sounds like you have been swamped! So glad you get to enjoy a day off on Friday! I feel you on the shirts that don't fit right! Even though I'm smaller than I was before I got pregnant, some of my shirts seem way too shirt or just fit really weird!

  2. I made it back to pre-preggo size minus some and found most of my shirts were too short. Weird. I need to clean out my closet too.

    Don't stress about low supply! Take care of yourself and nurse, nurse, nurse (or pump, pump, pump) :)


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