Sunday Social :)

Sunday Social

So, while sitting in my office on Saturday morning to coordinate a donation, I decided to do a little blogging and figured I would link up for the Sunday Social with Ashley and Neely! Love the idea of having prompts a week early to schedule a blog :)

So, without further ado ...

{How did you come up with your blog name}
I absolutely love to take pictures and use this blog as a way to store them and document my life. Hence the name "Snapshots."

{What is your favorite thing about blogging}
Well, obviously the ability to look at what I was doing at previous times in my life. Probably my favorite postss are my weekly bumpdates and all of the "through the months" updates on Cooper. Of course I'm doing a baby book as well, but having it in blog format makes it seem a bit more permanent ... and it's easier to do this way during work breaks, etc. 
I can't leave out all the friendships I've made. Y'all are some of the first people I look to for advice, and of course, I'm thrilled when you come to ask me questions as well :)

{What is one think you have discovered because of blogging and now can't live without}
Tough one. Probably Pinterest. Oh, and I leaved about Moms on Call through blogging and it was a huge help in getting C to sleep through the night. 

{Facebook or Twitter and why}
Facebook. I just don't get Twitter. And I'm too long-winded for the character requirements.

{If one celeb read my blog I'd want it to be ...}
Donald Trump. I wanna work for the man.

{Something I want people to know about my blog is ...}
It's real. I definitely don't put on airs or only show the good. I may say something to offend you, but it's not personal, just my true thoughts. 

Happy Sunday, friends!

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  1. I love Donald Trump (The Apprentice is one of my favorite shows) but I won't lie, the man scares me a little haha.


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