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I feel like blogging has totally taken a back seat lately, hence another post of bullets :)
  • We are back to working normal hours, and I am thrilled. I'm getting an extra 20 or so minutes of sleep every morning, getting to work about 10 minutes early, and also have the time to eat breakfast before running out the door. It's definitely a transition getting back to working five days a week, but totally worth it.
  • We had a really full weekend. In addition to finally getting our shed moved to its permanent location, my dad came down to move some dirt and help us pull trees so we could move/straighten our driveway. Then yesterday, I spent $600 on rock for the driveway. It definitely adds to the curb appeal of our house, though :)
  • Photos to come soon.
  • Since we worked so hard on Saturday, we decided to go on a little family date that night. I know I'm biased, but I think I have the two most handsome men in the world, especially the little one :)

  • Mister LOVES tractors. When my dad pulled in on Saturday, he started squealing. So, this is how he spent a lot of the weekend, watching the work outside.

  • My mom also came down with my dad on Saturday, and we made several batches of salsa. My method isn't hard at all though ... I'm not much on the chunky salsa and not a big onion fan, so I totally love the Mrs. Wages salsa seasoning packets. Also, cooking, peeling and dicing tomatoes is more work than it's worth, so I buy the large, gallon cans of crushed tomatoes from Sam's Club. We did four batches, which gave us about 26 jars, so I "paid" around $1 per jar ... can't beat that!
  • The rodeo is in town next week. Ahhhhh ... where has the summer gone?
  • We went to a local western store to order some boots for C almost a month ago and when I called to check today she said they "must not have come in." Which, to me, reads "I forgot to order them." So tonight we'll be searching online for some cutie booties!!!
  • I mean seriously ... how is it already August? Before you know it, Christmas will be here!
  • This is the first month in a long time I don't have any evenings scheduled with work meetings, and I am very excited about that.
  • I've been trying to come up with a theme for Cooper's first birthday party. With his birthday being the day after Thanksgiving and my calling him a little turkey, I'm wondering if I can spin off on that in some way? We have plenty of upcoming years to do baseball, western and all that, but I probably can't get away with calling him a turkey forever :(
  • I'm thinking he will definitely be a little heartbreaker and have way too many girlfriends. One little girl at day care kisses him (on the cheek or forehead) EVERY morning and before he leaves for the day. She's about 4, and it's so cute.
  • This is the first weekend in awhile we don't have any plans, and I am crazy excited about that.

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