Friday's letters


Dear local doughnut shop: Thank you for having chocolate chip doughnuts on Friday and Saturdays. They truly are the best.

Dear Target: Why must you have a great sale on dresses the day I resolve to start saving money?

Dear weather: Why is there no happy medium? We've gone from blazing hot to fall-like temperatures in the matter of a week!

Dear husband: Thank you for helping out with the grocery shopping. You have no idea how much your help means. Also, thank you for surprising me with a lunch date today. It was lovely :)

Dear Big Brother: You are starting to become pretty predictable. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who doesn't know who won HOH since the comp extended past the live show, but it wasn't a surprise at all who ended up winning.

Dear back: I know that I lug around a 20 pound kid and have been toting around a lot of books during checkout this week, but it's not cool to be aching like you are.

Dear Cooper: Thank you for reclaiming your angel baby status last night and this morning. I really don't like having a whiny pants kid.

Dear Life Planner: I'm really going to make an effort to begin using you again. Because I can't justify the expense of buying you again if I'm not using you ...

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