weekend happenings ~ tuesday brain dump

How on earth is the weekend already over? My one saving grace is knowing that I don't have to work the next two Mondays ... next week we will be in Little Rock for a family surgery, and the next is Labor Day .

.... Come to think of it, I won't be working Tuesday either of the next two weeks either :)

We had another super productive weekend. We've really devoted a lot of time to the outside of our house over the past month or so and I hope it shows. I would definitely showcase before & after photos, but I didn't take any befores ... so just the after will have to suffice. Once I take them :)

This weekend, we devoted most of the outside time to our back porch. Hubby cleaned it off, we moved some landscaping blocks, and we also pressure washed! It looks SO great. A few weekends ago, we moved our dog pen, which took about four feet of it, so it's much more spacious now, too.

Super Cooper was a crab pretty much all weekend. Seriously. We got his pictures made and he wasn't his normal cheerful self. Well, this morning he woke up in a great mood and I joked that maybe a tooth came in. Sure enough, he has a new one up top! So now two tooth Coop has three! Pretty soon his sweet gummy smile will be replaced with a big toothy grin and I'm just not sure if I can handle it!

On Saturday we took a run/walk. We are quite the production - I push the stroller and hubby jogs with Coco. I managed to run just over 1/4 of a mile without stopping. Not great, but you have to start somewhere! To motivate myself even more, I splurged on new running shoes when we went to Cape later in the day.

We've been eating oatmeal mixed with milk, applesauce and cinnamon for breakfast in the mornings, and it has been yummy in my tummy.

I haven't done a menu in a few weeks, so I thought I would go ahead and share it:

Sunday: Lasagna, garlic bread, salad
Monday: Lemon pepper chicken, buttery parsley potatoes, salad
Tuesday: Taco Tuesday!!!
Wednesday: Grilled chicken salad
Thursday: Pizza casserole, green beans (doubling so I can puree and freeze for C)
Friday: Tacos
Saturday: Pizza casserole leftovers

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  1. How do you make the oatmeal? I've been wanting to make something like that. I keep seeing overnight oatmeal but the yogurt and chi seeds and all change my mind! But this looks good!

    The gummy smiles are my favorite. Why can't teeth take longer? :( It's bothering Gray already. :(


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