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  • First off, thank you guys so much for all the sweet, encouraging comments about my breastfeeding post. You all are amazing, and that is one of the things I love most about the blogging world.
  • This week has been a struggle, but after some conversations, I'm really going to try to stick it out. My babysitter (who BF until 18 months - amazing!) mentioned that sometimes kids have a problem with the transition from breastmilk to formula, and I really hate to do that to him for just two or three months and THEN transition to whole milk. So I've got a brand-new resolve to stick it out, and even had oatmeal for breakfast to "prove" it.
  • Last night, hubby and I took Cooper and Coco for a walk. I actually jogged three electric pole lengths, which is about a quarter mile. Ugh. Not only did my allergies majorly act up {mind you we were along crop fields where they sprayed yesterday}, I realized just how jiggly my booty is and that I am majorly out of shape. I'm hoping we'll start heading out every other day and I'll have some results soon!
  • Yesterday, Mister turned 38 weeks old. That sure is close to 52! Anyhow, I've told myself since he was born that I should give myself until he is 40 weeks, 1 day to really beat myself up over any body image issues. With only two weeks to go, I am definitely putting forth an effort.
  • My dad started harvesting corn this week, and Cooper is very excited to get to ride in the combine with his PaPa this weekend!
  • At least I hope he is, becuase Mister has been a grouch this week! I'm not sure what it is, but he's all over the place in terms on his napping/eating schedule ... and that doesn't even touch on the fact that he screams his little head off whenever we lie him down to change his diaper. We have a theory that he just gets pissed he doesn't have anything to play with during a diaper change, so hopefully handing him a small toy will help. I've got a feeling those top teeth are working to break through, so I'm hoping all this passes really soon.
  • Yesterday morning, he had me so frazzled I forgot to put on earrings. Minor, I know, but I feel like wearing earrings really makes me look polished and, of course, I had a lunch meeting.
  • I am really loving this season of Big Brother :) It's definitely my summer TV show.
  • The rodeo was in town last week, and that definitely pushed me over the edge when it comes to being exhuasted. I told hubby I need a day to just rest & relax.
  • We saw The Band Perry and Easton Corbin at rodeo ... both great performances!
  • With it being hot, crowded, loud and smoky, we decided to not take Super Cooper out to the rodeo. That being said, we did take him out for slack one night. He loved the animals!
  • It's book checkout/final registration week at the school where I work ... so things have been absolutely crazy these past few days! None of those tasks are my job, technically, but since I am highly involved in marketing/customer satisfaction, I do think it's my job to help people get through as quickly as possible, so I've checked out a few hundred books these last few days.
  • All these pictures and posts I'm seeing of kids' first day of school are making me kinda choked up. That day is going to sneak up on us all too soon, I am afraid.

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