Five on Friday

{1} We've had another case of the ickies around our house this week. I think hubs and I got whatever C had last week? We had chills, fever, etc. on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Yuck. I am still having allergy issues. This, my friends, is why I loathe the transition to fall.

{2} Last night was beautiful though, y'all. So like any great mom, I snuck off to the front porch and enjoyed a cold brew. It was heavenly.

{3} Oh, how I love menu planning! And we had some yummy food this week, specifically the bacon cheeseburger pie recipe I need to share soon!

{4} Apparently I am getting old, because I was actually glad that a bonfire planned for tonight was called off due to rain, because now I have an excuse to sit home in my sweats.

{5} It's about time for chili weather! That, my friends, is the greatest thing about fall and winter, becuase I LOVE soups.

Happy weekend!


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  1. I love soups too. My mom made chili this weekend! It's been pretty cool here and I love it!


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