Spending freeze

A couple weeks ago, I did something a bit rash.

I put myself on a spending freeze. And when I told hubby of my plans, he did the same!

We've gotten quite frivilous with ouor money. Add to the fact that in late July/August, we were on vacation and had rodeo and the Labor Day festival in my hometown. Oh, and then I had the "atypical" bill this month of my car insurance, which I pay semi-annually.

So, I declared no spending any of my "personal" money other than for bills and the necessary things. That means no running to Burger King at lunch, even if it is the dollar menu, or any other little things. All off limits.

It's a definite adjustment ... I didn't realize just how much money can burn a hole in my pocket. But it's going OK. I had meetings and was not in my office for lunch one day last week - but I packed a pb&j one day, was treated to lunch two days, and did fall off the wagon and purchased my lunch another day. I also purchased a baptism gift for my nephew which is out of the ordinary, but still necessary, in my opinion.

This spending freeze is a big part of the reasoning behind meal planning. Way too often (especially on the weekends) we get caught up and don't have anything to eat so end up ordering a pizza or something. I purchased eight frozen pizzas from Aldi when grocery shopping last week to keep us out of this predicament!

Tonight, we are heading to the fair in a neighboring town, as I am to walk in the parade representing my workplace. I have a quick dinner planned for us once we get home and I am not intending to stay at the fair beyond the parade ... let's just hope I don't get pulled in!

Right now, my plan is to continue my "spending freeze" through the end of the month, and potentially into October, so I can do some big saving in preparation for the holidays. No matter what, I think it definitely shows me how lax I've been in saving and gives me the little push to brown bag it or keep those "convenience" processed foods around the house - they may not be the healthiest, but they are just as good for me as fast food, and definitely less expensive.

Do you have any good advice for cutting back on expenses and saving money?

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  1. I started meal planning for the whole month (I still go to grocery store on the reg to get produce and that sort of thing), but that has helped TREMENDOUSLY with random spending! Like, I rarely eat out now, and I live by myself so you can imagine how hard it is to be motivated to cook for one all the time.

    I think spending freezes are excellent ideas!

  2. I really should put us on a spending freeze. It seems we spend a ridiculous amount of money and it's on unjustified stuff! Good luck :)


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