One and three-quarters

Alternate title: Cooper is 21 months old!

Alternate title: The last three month's of my kid's life

Alternate title: Worst Mom Ever

And so on ...

I figure it's time to get this post up before my kid is officially closer to 22 months.

You are a wild child and mommy's little monkey all rolled up into one. You are such a stinker, but have a very sweet heart. You love to love. You are always giving hugs, or kissing your friends or toys.


Your favorites right now are tractors {which will probably be a favorite forever}, Cars/Lightning McQueen {which you say Cane! and it's so precious}, Curious George, trains (you call them choos!) and puppies. Sometimes when you are snacking, I catch you feeding/giving drinks to the stuffed animals and tractors and it's so cute.

I'd say you currently weigh about 27-28 lbs. You are still working on your two-year molars (and that's a mess) but you have the cutest little teethy grin and mouth full of teeth.

You are a daddy's boy through and through. And it actually stinks, because I get no love and sometimes when I want a hug, you push me away. It's pretty funny, the gender roles that you have established. Even though you love tractors and riding on them, you refuse to do so if I am driving. In fact, you have a fit, like girls aren't supposed to drive tractors or something?

We've always read most nights before bed, but in the past month, you and your daddy have started reading a bigger chapter book (about Lightning McQueen, of course!) and you seem to really love that.

You recently had your second hotel stay, and I'm relieved that you did much better than you did at the first. We stayed at a hotel when we went to Marion, Ill. on vacation. You loved the hotel pool, and slept very well at night. Possibly because you were a handful at the game and stayed up until midnight?

We've flipped your carseat to forward facing, and you love it and rarely fight us on going in the carseat these days. You like the high chair a lot more now too - oftentimes, you will climb up and in, and all we have to do is help buckle you in.

You are a pretty good eater, but definitely have a sweet tooth. Luckily, you really like bread (AKA toast), fruit and veggies. Beans are another love of yours. On the weekends, we do a big breakfast, and you'll then typically skip lunch. You love bacon, eggs, pancakes, sausage, biscuits and French Toast.

You've just now gotten to a point where you will sit and watch movies. We don't have many kid-friendly movies (nor have we been able to record many) but you like Ice Age, Toy Story, Cars (duh), Curious George & Kung Fu Panda. We'll be requesting movies for your birthday and Christmas.

Let's see... you like to bounce in bounce houses. I pulled out your ring stacker and you did great with it. You really love to be outside. When we ask if you want to go outside, you run to grab your "flops" and yell "SIDE! SIDE!"

Whenever we do something like turn lights off/on or you see smoke, you go "wow" in this whisper voice and it's just plum adorable.

You are all boy, and love playing in dirt and puddles! I think there is some sort of a magnetic property that attracts you to them? Playing in the rain doesn't seem to bother you, either.

You love to brush your teeth. When you get up in the morning, the first thing you say is "teeths!" and then you stand on the vanity and brush them alongside your daddy.

You are very curious about the potty. We did buy you a potty chair a couple months ago, but you like to play with it and use it as a stool. Still not quite ready for potty training, but we are getting there. Ideally you will be potty trained for the day by the time you turn 2, but we'll see.

You are really into imitating everything, so that's fun and scary all at the same time.

We love you so much, Monkey Man!





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