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Mornings are a struggle in our house. None of us are really morning people and with so much to do, it always gets a little crazy, which leads to me getting upset around 7:25 when I still have to get dressed and need to be on the road in 5 minutes, have a toddler who doesn't want to listen, etc.

But I've learned 15 minutes makes all the difference... I'm not rushed and walking in the door at 8:02 and just generally more pleasant.

Hubby is training a new guy at work, so while his job is typically flexible on when he arrives, since he has this guy riding along, J absolutely needs to be out at a pretty certain time to meet the new guy. Of course, it's not exactly fair to me for him to just leave and give me more responsibilities, so we are all just getting up a bit earlier to do things, and it's going perfect.

A typical morning now looks like this: Hubby's alarm goes off at 5:45 ... we usually snooze once before he gets up and showers. I try to wake up/get out of bed when I hear him brushing his teeth, around 6:15. I start getting ready (hair, makeup, etc.) until he is done and heads down to feed the horses. Then I make my way into the kitchen. I've been prepping coffee the night before so it's already brewed and I start making bacon & eggs for his and Cooper's breakfast and packing up J's lunch.

Since Cooper is much more cooperative for his daddy than he is for me in the mornings, the deal is that J gets him ready while I take care of everything in the kitchen. On a good morning, once they make it to the kitchen, I am finishing up breakfasts so they can eat. Spending time with his daddy in the mornings always makes Cooper a bit happier as well. J typically eats a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich while Coop has a couple pieces of bacon - he also gets breakfast at daycare, but steals bits from the hubs if I don't have something for him! Once J is done, we walk him to the door (which is a long process since we have to stand there and wave, etc. until his truck is out of site!) and then I get C set up in front of the TV. By now it's a little before 7 so I head back to my bedroom and finish getting ready.

Lately, I've been STARVING at breakfast time so I've been making a sunny side up egg with a couple slices of bacon. It still doesn't hold me over until lunch but it does hold me over the minimum 3 hours thanks to the lovely prenatals. So I have time to make breakfast, pack lunch then sit down and eat. By then it's usually about 7:25 and I just sit with Coop Man until his show is over (that kid gets pissed if you turn the tv off in the middle of a show!) and we get on the road. Not only do I have time to drop him off and say bye, I'm getting to work 5-10 minutes early and starting the day off pretty relaxed and stress free.

That, my friends, is totally worth it.

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