Baby R2: 34 weeks!

How far along: 34 weeks!

How big is the baby: Baby weighs about 4.75 lbs. and is around the size of a cantaloupe. About 18 inches long, fat layers are still filling out the baby, making him/her rounder, and the skin is mother than ever. Baby's lungs are continuing to mature. For those worried about preterm labor (since I feel like this baby may fall out if I sneeze) the good news is that babies born between 34-37 weeks with no other health problems generally do just fine.

Weight gain/loss: Exactly 30 lbs.

Sleep: Really great. I'm finding that my back is aching a bit more in the mornings so I need to pull out the pillow to have in between my knees.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Pretty much in love with peanut M&Ms.

Gender: Still a surprise :)

Movement: Quite a bit and some rather painful. Baby is camping out low and getting the hips/bladder.
Worries: Absolutely nothing other than actually making it to my due date! I'm really uncomfortable and sometimes the thought of X more days (42 as of today) is a little overwhelming/unbearable.  

The belly: Big and low. I get comments from the hubby almost daily somewhat to the effect of "whoa, that baby sure is growing." Sigh. Stretch marks are still silver so no new ones and I'm glad for that. I can't bend over (had him get my shoes on the other day) and it's just generally hard to move these days.
What I'm Loving: The great weather because I can wear dresses and sandals.

Symptoms: Exhaustion and swelling. I think my feet were a bit swollen yesterday - nothing huge, but my shoes felt a little tighter at the end of the day.

Big Brother: It's touch and go. I'm reading lots of articles about the transition. He's getting a bit more clingy and starting baby talk but I think excited. Last night when going to bed (he has hubs lay down with him for 5 minutes) gave baby a hug and kiss and said "I love you soooo much baby toots." Then moved and insisted his daddy do the same. Super sweet.
What's different this time: Just that the baby is low and I've got more swelling/back pain. Not bad swelling, but I know it's there.

What I'm looking forward to: The baby getting here :) But not until I've had a chance to check most things off the baby prep list.

Best moment of the week: Definitely that hubs is working to get the baby room back in order so I can start really marking things off that list!

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