Easter 2015

We had a wonderful, laid-back Easter weekend.

I actually had Friday-Monday off for Easter break (gotta love working in higher ed!). Since this is my last scheduled time off until Memorial Day or the baby comes, I was glad to have the time to get some things accomplished.

Friday morning I had a haircut, and while out I also did some shopping and treated myself to a pedi. I figured my feet needed some love and since I can't exactly bend over, it was a good day to get it done ... now maybe hubs can help me keep them maintained until I deliver. That afternoon, I got a little work done around the house, and also made desserts for our Easter gathering on Saturday.

Saturday morning I took the little man to an Easter egg hunt/activity time at a nearby church some friends attend. Unfortunately we had to leave before everything wrapped up because we had to get to my parents' house for lunch. My parents do our big family Easter on Saturday, which is great because that way we aren't cramming 2 big family events into one day. We had an absolutely amazing meal and then spent a lot of time outside, which was perfect after all the rain we'd had over the previous week.

Family ride on the Gator

That night, we went home and just chilled and did some picking up around the house.

Sunday was a great day! After sleeping in a bit, we got up and let Cooper look through his Easter basket (we do Dollar Tree-type stuffer and useful stuff, so he got some new tennis shoes this year). He begged his daddy to make pancakes, so we did that and afterwards, J snuck outside to feed the horses and hide his eggs. For his eggs, I always recycle candy and then put some coins in - he knows the minute he picks it up what's inside!


After a little time outside enjoying the sunshine and his new "gubble" gun, we went inside to let him watch TV and J and I get some more house work done. For the first time in I don't know how long, I got my kitchen, main bath and living room all cleaned, and it was a wonderful feeling.

Mid-afternoon, we went my BIL and SIL's house for a cookout. At which Cooper was running around, slid and fell into a wooden chair. Ouch. Thankfully SIL is a nurse so gave him his first SteriStrips :(

Monday morning he wasn't feeling the best and although I had planned to take him to daycare, decided to just keep him home since he begged. I figured since he wasn't feeling well (his pesky cough has returned) he wouldn't be too much of a handful.

Then, oh, around 9 a.m. I realized our water was giving us issues and the pump (in our basement) was running nonstop, so hubby had me turn it off. I had C signed up for a sibling class at the hospital where I'll deliver that night, so we made plans to leave a bit early and stop at my parents house so I could shower on the way. Meanwhile, I took a lot of the paint supplies, tools, etc. we had been using but were done with down to our basement and worked on cleaning our master and getting some of the mess out of the nursery too, since it's next on the list!

Of course, I arrived home to hubs saying that the pump was shot and just needed replacing - which he couldn't do until the next day, and couldn't get off work. Of course. Thank goodness for bottled water. But a pretty great weekend, minus those lovely homeowner issues.

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