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Man, oh man. I feel like all I have time for these days are my bump updates and honestly? That's a stretch but I'd feel WAY too guilty if I didn't do them since I don't ever want this child to feel like he/she is getting the shaft. So let's do a little catch up post, shall we?
{Also known as random thoughts and iPhone photo dump}

  • Hell has officially frozen over. We turned on our A/C last night. On April 9. Typically hubs and I try to wait until June, but it's usually Memorial Day weekend. It was 78 in my house and I thought I was going to die. So on it went!

  • Honestly, I probably would have turned it on earlier this week if it weren't for our water pump going out. We have a water heat/air unit, which is great on utilities. But yeah ... Monday morning I realized our pump was running, running, running ... so hubs just had me unplug it. (Thank goodness I was off work and home that day.) Tuesday night he was up until almost 3 a.m. installing a new one and trying to get it to work. The next morning, I called my dad to ask if he knew who could help, and he called the man who works on their well/pump. By noon, we had water, praise the Lord! Turns out there was a small crack on the pipe leading into the house. Never have I been so glad to have water and be able to do dishes, etc.

  • Replacing that pipe meant a big pile of dirt for the little one to play in that night. So glad we had water to hose him off!
  • My maternity photos are this weekend! The sad part? I had a dress in mind to wear but tried it on last night and it looks AWFUL. Seriously. So not to dig through the closet tonight!
  • This popped up on my Facebook and I think it's pretty darn cool.

  • I've been having some swelling, aches and pains so my dr. told me yesterday to pop up my feet and take some baths. So being the good patient I am, I listened. Thankfully hubby was at the appt. so he knows it's just doctor's orders!

  • My parents usually watch Cooper when I have OB appts. since their house is more or less on the way. Coop's artic cat is up there and while he loves it, he's getting gutsier and gutsier. When he went over a hill on their acreage last night and we couldn't see him, my dad got on the Gator to go round him up. Then they "raced" back. Silly little boy.

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