What Cooper eats

When this baby is born, my parents will be keeping Cooper for a few days while we are in the hospital. He has "his room" at their house and actually gets mad sometimes when we pick him up instead of having him stay the night, so it will be a real treat for him.

Since my due date is quickly approaching, we are planning to have a bag packed for him and possibly some extra supplies at my parents house by the 36 week mark so it's one less thing to remember/forget, especially if we have to get on the road at 3 a.m. to take him. My mom is already trying to get things ready (they aren't excited at all :)) and was asking me what snacks, etc. to keep on hand. I thought it may be a good thing to blog - not only for other toddler mamas but also as a bit of a Cooper update.

In short - he eats what we eat 90% of the time. He really looks up to his daddy and PaPa and will do just about anything they do!

Not only do I think he just has a great appetite, the fact that I nursed and then made his baby food, I believe, played a huge role in this!

That kid loves his fruits and veggies. I was looking at a sale ad the other day and he saw the produce and was like "mom, can we get these and these," pointing to carrots and grapes. Strawberries are one of his favorites, and if he sees an apple he will often bite in, without even giving me a chance to wash it off (this is why I try to wash produce the minute I get home from the store!)

While most of our snacks are at home, we also like grab-and-go options - which may be vital when he is at their house, as my dad farms and depending on the weather, they may be out in the tractor a big chunk of the day.

We are big fans of crackers - animal crackers, goldfish, etc. These can, of course, be purchased pre-packaged or in bulk. Since I'm frugal, we typically buy the bigger containers and just package them into snack bags ourselves.

Cooper is also a HUGE fan of dairy products. He loves string cheese and yogurt. As a mom, I especially love giving him foods that pack in protein or some additional nutrition, so I love the Chobani Tots and Chobani Kids Greek Yogurt Pouches. Not only do I prefer Greek yogurt for myself due to the nutrition and high protein, when it comes to buying for Coop, I prefer it since it contains real fruits and vegetables and only natural ingredients - no preservatives or artificial colors and flavors!

If all else fails, I don't think Cooper would ever say no to "peanut butter toast" - which is actually toast with jelly - typically grape or my mom's homemade strawberry jam! And that kid continues his love for spaghetti. In fact, the other night he declared spaghetti as "my favorite, you know." I make it pretty often as hubs and I like pasta, I can buy pasta made with veggies, extra fiber, etc., and it's easy, but always keep cans of Chef Boyardee around - the ABCs with meatballs are actually his favorites.

Then of course, there's always chocolate and brownie batter :)

What do you all feed your toddlers?

This post is part of the new #ChobaniKids project. .However, all opinions are my own!

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