Baby R2: 35 weeks

How far along: 35 weeks, and just 35 days until my due date! It seems like just yesterday we hit the under 50 days mark. April has absolutely flown by, and I'm hoping May does the same.

How big is the baby: Baby is about 5.25 lbs., 18 inches long,  and as large as a honeydew melon. Since things are snug in the womb, movements aren't as dramatic, but still there. Kidneys are fully developed and baby can process some waste products through the liver. His/her main job until born is to pack on the pounds.

Weight gain/loss: Exactly 31 lbs.

Sleep: Good for the most part, although it seems that I'm taking 2 bathroom breaks every night now. My heating pad is definitely a lifesaver.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Nothing specific

Gender: Still a surprise :) Kind of wanting a girl because we have two great girl names but nothing we love for a boy.

Movement: Still a lot of nudges, etc. Some are a bit painful.
Worries: Nothing eally. I've either gotten used to the back, etc. pain or figured out how to manage it, so while I'm still uncomfortable, I'm sure I can make it to my due date at this point.

The belly: Large. I measured the other day for fun (obviously I have a warped mind) and it was about 42 inches. EEK! All for a very good cause though.
What I'm Loving: Being so close to the due date, I feel like I'm in the final stretch and there is an end in sight.

Symptoms: Just tired and difficult to move. Lots of back pain.

Big Brother: Over the weekend he decided he wanted the baby to be a boy "like me and daddy." But still says "her." Who knows.
What's different this time: Just that the baby is low and I've got more swelling/back pain. Not bad swelling, but I know it's there.

What I'm looking forward to: Getting everything on my baby prep list done.

Best moment of the week: I'm on the committee for a large awards banquet in our town and it went off without a hitch, with lots of great compliments. The stinkers actually surprised me with an award as well, which was pretty cool. 

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