Is the weekend really over?

Have you ever had a Monday when you feel like you need a weekend to recover from your weekend? 
That's how I feel today. I mean "WHEW!"
Our new phones came in on Friday so we made a quick trip to Cape to get them activated and clean up the whole Crocs mess. Lesson learned: don't order from Journeys. We got the money back and I just ordered them online. I found a 10 percent off code and got free shipping, so I actually saved Jimmy about 10 bucks. 
Saturday was a gorgeous day, so we spent some time outside. First, we played with our doggies, then we cleaned out the garage. While J finished, I went inside to bake some cupcakes for our friend's birthday (he has no one around to bake him a cake and a have a bleeding heart.) I didn't have any holders so I improvised. Here are the ones I shipped to Shaun for him and his three kiddos:

We went out for dinner then Cheers for his birthday. 

Happy 31st birthday, Shaun!!!

After sleeping in and recovering a bit on Sunday, I made a big breakfast and we came to town for some grocery shopping. Once we got home, we played with the dogs again. I hate leaving BG in a pen, but I don't want her bred this soon, so we just do our best to let her out for supervised playing. 

Please throw the decoy, Daddy!

We later walked the dogs to the ditch behind our house (Labs love the water) to see if BG is a good swimmer. We had more fun with the decoy. BG may not get to the decoy as quickly as Hank, but she's going to hold on to it too, by gosh!

Jimmy and I also took advantage of the weather by scooping up some of the lava rock in an area we're clearing it out and moving it to the dip in our driveway. Then I made him pull a couple of pretty much dead shrubs. By then, we called it a night, grilled some steak and potatoes, and curled up to watch The Amazing Race. 

All in all, it was a good weekend :) Now is it Friday yet?

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