Fitness Friday

I'm bummed.
Over the past week, I gained four-tenths of a pound.
It's probably because I broke my promise. I didn't start working out again on Sunday — although I felt justified from all the lifting I did while working outside. 
It was Thursday night before I did any real exercise. And I think the only reason was because I knew today was weigh-in day!
However, I'm still pretty motivated. For one, I weighed myself post-workout and was about the same weight I am today ... after drinking all that water and not on a completely empty stomach like I was this morning. I've also been told that sore muscles, which I definitely have today, typically mean you'll weigh more because sore muscles retain water, which means you have more water weight. 
Last night I did Level One of The Shred. I'm really bored with the movie by now, although it was an excellent workout. We've bought No More Trouble Zones and Biggest Loser Cardio Max, so as soon as I can get my fiance to begin working out with me again, I imagine we'll tackle one or both of those!

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