New recipe :)

One of my goals is to start cooking a bigger variety of meals. So if I come across a recipe that sounds good, I'll print it off. 
Last night, I made a barbecue beef-filled biscuits, a dish I've been planning to make for the last few months. They are simple, but really easy and yummy. 
We like our beef, so I used a full pound of hamburger meat and all 10 biscuits. Before putting the biscuits in the tray, I flattened them to an about five-inch circle. Oh and I omitted the peppers - yucky!
We really liked the biscuits and thought they were yummy! And as cheap as the biscuits were and considering I get beef for free, I was very excited for a really cheap meal - we paired it with a can of corn and still have four of the biscuits left!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed the sun comes out this afternoon, I have sirloin steak thawed and really want to grill!

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